Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'm Moving, Please come with Me!

Hello wonderful friends who take time to read all my ramblings!

Good news: I shall still be posting all my little bloggity blogs!

Better News: It will be on a new site that is supposed to be better for me to really add some fun aspects to my blog I'm currently limited on.

Bad News: It'll probably take me till Jesus comes back to figure out how to do all those fun things, so presumably the blog will feel the same to you for quite some time. Apologies in advance for our little Millinery site being well, slightly behind the curve in cool technology. I'm just not that kind of girl, much to my dismay.

So dear friends, come on over and follow me at my new site:

I promise it'll just feel like when your favorite little shop moves into a nicer little space!

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